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The world changes, and with it the kind of technologies we use to connect with one another changes in a world abundant with social channels. We have been communicating via Facebook, email and Linkedin, and we will continue to leverage them as communication channels, but social media channels are by design a distracting place and do not allow true community building to take place. What we felt missing was a focused, inclusive digital space for our Alumni. 

To tackle this, our Alumni- Raju joined in the board to work on Network Development. He has been the chief architect behind this platform initiative as a way to fulfil the longstanding wish to connect and leverage our diverse and inspiring Jacobs network. 

The purpose of the platform is to make it easy for you to find and reconnect with Alumni you've lost touch with, to enable interactions, to inspire you with Alumni stories and regular events, to allow you to host your events, and most importantly to help one another as fellow Alumni in our current lives. 

We are launching this inclusive space to do just that, for any Alumni from any part of the world. We started off with this platform by hosting Homecoming 2021 for you. You can now stay tuned with the community by downloading our app and customising notifications to your liking. 

We will continually roll new features and list all future Alumni events here. Carry your community along with you in your pocket, and post a question, an article, a memory or a poll, engage with your class and college groups, host your own events and of course attend Alumni events, at the touch of a button.

Key Features

> Events: 1 sign-up to to access all future Alumni events.

> App: If you want, you can download Mighty on your phone (ioS, Android or Text app to your phone)

> Bio: Update your profile with a photo so that you can be discovered.

> Groups: Access and join dedicated colleges and class Groups you were part of

> Discover: Discover Jacobs Alumni from Members and Interests menus.

> Chat and connect with any Jacobs Alumni.

> Create: Write a post or an article, ask a poll to the community.

> More engagement features and Alumni events to be rolled out in the future. Feel free to message Raju Gurung if you have any ideas.

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